Mohamed Hassan Aden

Computer Networking specialist

Malaysia, Kuala lumpure


My Skills

Computer networking






Java programming







Know My Interest From Below

I have many hobits and interest. I will try to limit few of them for the sake of space and time. These included:

I have many hobits and interest. I will try to limit few of them for the sake of space and time. These included: Two months aga, I volunteer at the local festival called Eid for muslim communint in my area. During my last volunteer shift, I was responsible for distrabuting meat to communiity. There were many volunteers, so, i choose packaging part. My responsible was sorting dry goods so that each package contained a certain amount of each food. I organized the different parts of meat and put into one package. I worked with the other volunteers to correctly bag the goods and provide food to the 300 community members in need.

Volunteering at the meat distrabuting not only introduces me to new people but also allows me to serve my community. I interact with many people of different backgrounds who share my passion for giving back.

I’ve played sports since high school, and university time, so I joined a local softball league to stay in shape and meet new people in the area. I was captain of our team during my high school team, so I have asked my team to show up an hour early to warm up and run some plays before the game. I even helped a fellow team member improve their swing. I have encouraged everyone to communicate during the game and try to keep each player involved so they can get more experience. Bein a captain helped to shard my leadership skills.

II love traveling, and I try to take a trip every season. On my last trip to Somalia, my main purpose was to visit my family back home. however, my flight from KL to Dubai was delayed and i have wait hours until next flight.

Traveling allows me to adapt to new situations and use my organization and planning skills to ensure I have the most fun I can. I try to anticipate possible delays and other interruptions in my travel and always have a list of important contacts, such as my hotel front desk or travel coordinator. These strategies prepare me for many possible situations, which is how I approach my event and travel planning as an administrative assistant.

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